Lana del rey

A new visual identity.

In 2020 all concerts were cancelled but the music gave hope in uncertain times. I channeled all my creativity in to a new visual concept for my favorite artist. The idea was to create exclusive limited edition merchandise for fans.

I looked into her lyrics and music videos for elements that would capture the spirit of her artistic persona. Lana’s music falls into baroque pop, dreampop and sadcore genres. Her music is also occasionally influenced by hip-hop and psychedelic rock, and always has a cinematic flair. The themes include tragic romance, melancholy, 50s-60s Americana, old-time glamour and references to pop culture. I tried to reflect Lana’s visual expression which is dramatic and captivating, dreamy and mystical.

I also made an infographic poster that shows which words appear the most in Lana Del Rey’s lyrics. Categorized by albums.

The visuals are applicable to a digital marketing campaign. For social media the visual elements are combined with song lyrics. The social media ads lead to a landing page, where the merchandise can be purchased.


Creative / Designer – Kristiina Rissanen

University project