Crisis Cruises

Shortlisted in The One Club For Creativity’s Young Ones ADC Student Awards 2023 
Category Design for Good: Advertising

Crisis Cruises is a campaign for a cruise line of the future. It makes the effects of climate change visible and offers practical tools to fight it by showing people the scale of every action if everyone made the same choices. It encourages people to make better, environmental choices, because all choices are important.


The goal was to come up with an idea that will convince the general public worldwide to take the climate crisis seriously, and adapt their behaviours, attitudes and/or political allegiances accordingly.


Cities are drowning due to the effects of climate change and people are unable to take necessary action.


Many people don’t see the effects of climate change in their day-to-day life and therefore don’t do enough. Due to its scale, climate change is difficult for an individual to comprehend. In addition, people feel that their individual climate actions are close to insignificant.

target group

The target group are wealthy people who can afford to make environmentally conscious choices. The lifestyle and interests of the selected target group are noted in the campaign.

solution 1/2

Make the threat visible and easier to grasp (with a little interesting twist).

In this campaign the worst case scenarios are brought to the places where they will have an impact on a large audience.

These are the major coastal cities.


The campaign is meant to gain international visibility, because the problem is not only local it requires collective accountability.

With famous and historical landmarks under water, the sinking of coastal cities is painfully obvious and demands the attention of people around the world.

The campaign will be shown in places it will likely catch the attention of the target group: bustling cities, transportation, airports and other terminals as well as social media and cinemas around the globe.


Real sea water between two windows

The special executions grab the audience’s attention and stand out from other advertising in the street view.

solution 2/2

Section the problem into easily digestible pieces.


Art Director / Creative – Atte Maunula
Art Director / Creative – Kristiina Rissanen