Karl Fazer Collection

Illustration for Karl Fazer Collection chocolate box.

BRIEF Karl Fazer Collection product line was in need of an illustration for the packaging. The box of assorted chocolates is intended for gift giving especially during the fall/winter season, so the illustration needs to be delicious and on brand.

Because the chocolate box is a seasonal product, I wanted to convey a warm hygge-feeling without being too Christmas-y. That way the product is suitable for all the fall/winter months (which is a long time in Finland), not only December.

On their website Fazer promises to create memorable moments together by spreading joy in everyday life. This is the guideline I followed when planning the illustration. I wanted to show the beautiful moments of everyday life.

I chose a whimsical doodle style to give the illustration an approachable, authentic and friendly feel. The colors were an easy choice: the distinguished Fazer blue combined with a complimentary gold lineart.


The themes I chose for the illustration were inspired by  the daily mundane life of Finn’s during the coldest time of the year. The question that guided me was: “What would a chocolate pair perfectly with?” Examples I came up with were a good book, endless knitting, a hot beverage, a holiday get-together, cozy woolly socks, two grandmas enjoying glögg at a cafe, a sleepy cat, warm candle light, logs for the fireplace, your comfiest chair and of course a daschund excited about rain puddles.


Illustrator – Kristiina Rissanen

Logo, design elements, layout – Fazer

Entry for Fazer illustration competition